ASLOC - Biometic Imaging Hardware


ASLOC is a range of indoor biometric imaging hardware systems. 

Each model in the range includes a facial recognition optimised imaging system that comprises of a motion blur eliminating camera and evenly distributed Near Infra-red (NIR) illumination. 

The ASLOC range of products are capable of producing high speed, high quality and highly detailed imagining, ideal for reliable and accurate facial recognition.

The ASLOC range of products are approved biometric hardware within major UK Airports and are helping to increase efficiency at check in, baggage drop and boarding, lowering overall queues and travellers time within the airport. ASLOC is assisting major UK airports through its biometric hardware technology to move closer to the ideal goal of a passportless airport environment.

The ASLOC hardware interacts with an AI-based face recognition SDK. The system includes a provision of host controlled status RGB LEDs to give user feedback and can run on both Linux and Windows based hosts.

ASLOC is also working alongside the PSI-D product range within medical environment reception areas easing patient check in and validating the correct patient receives the correct treatment.

PSI offer various forms of ASLOC. 

The system can be specified as a single or dual imaging system and with or without an anti glare touch screen, that can be portrait (6.5" active display) or landscape (10.2" active display).

Each Imaging system can optionally include an additional camera to produce colour images and can also include a thermal camera to help detect abnormal temperature.    

Independently Tested and Compliant

The ASLOC range been rigously tested and approved independently to the following standards:   

  • EN 55032:2015, Electromagnetic Compatibility of Multimedia Equipment - Emmision Requirements. ASLOC meets the performance criteria set for both conducted and radiated emissions 
  • EN 55035:2017, Electromagnetic Compatibility of Multimedia Equipment - Immunity Requirements. ASLOC meets the performance criteria set for all immunity testing.  
  • EN61000-6-1:2019, Electromagnetic compatibility: Generic Standards - Immunity standard for residential commercial and light industrial environments. 
  • The Imaging system has been tested and complies with IEC 62471:2006, BS EN 62471:2008 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems. The NIR technology within this system is classed as exempt from classification and is defined as not posing any photobiological hazard, further highlighting its safety credentials. 


ASLOC Application Note/User Manual

Please feel free to download our PDF Application Note/User Manual highlighting the key features and operation of the ASLOC range

ASLOC Technical Drawings

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CE Declaration of Conformity

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