Biometric Hardware


Our biometric imaging system range designed for airport biometric gates. The imaging technology and screen options help to ease check in, baggage drop and boarding, to lower overall airport queues. Our proven hardware technology is assisting major UK airports towards a passportless model


A compact wall mountable biometric imaging system. This has many uses from safely verifying patients in hospitals before they receive treatment to providing a highly accurate solution  for the indentification of authorised and unauthorised personnel in an access control environment

Biometric Terminals

Our multi token biometric imaging terminal hardware includes highly accurate facial recognition technology to provide a fast and secure way of indentifying workers as they enter and leave site. Our sealed wall or turnstyle mounted units are ideal for construction and office environments.

Machine Vision


Our Over Conveyor Analysis Systems (OCAS) undertake automatic on line live analysis to increase real time quality assurance and efficiency to production lines and have been implemented across Europe. 

Inspection Camera Systems

Our compact machine vision based inspection system is easily mountable to inspect and monitor multiple targets over distance. This sytem can be independent of or implemented as an addition to OCAS

Camera Technology

Our latest machine vision cameras operate in dynamic range and are free of motion blur, transmitting uncompressed image data over USB-3 to introduce no compression artefacts, producing ideal machine vision data


Bespoke System Design

Bespoke full system design and manufacture of machine vision solutions for industrial process control and quality assurance applications. We approach a problem from ground up and aim to meet your business needs