OCAS - Over Conveyor Analysis System


The Over Conveyor Analysis System (OCAS) is an on-line machine vision inspection system designed to check product during material production. It employs a variety of cameras and illuminators to produce a 3D model of the upper and outer surfaces of product on a conveyor, measuring the height of production material and checking for surface deformations. The system is capable of analysing for unusual thermal and visible defects and provides good/not good feedback, which can be optionally used via a PLC network to give OCAS the ability automatically reject defective items.

The signals produced by OCAS can be used by the production line's equipment to reduce and remove defective material, resulting in minimum wastage of good product. Moreover, compact integrated inspection cameras can be fitted further down a production line to verify features post additional value added production. 

OCAS main objective is to reduce non value added time within material production by inspecting product live on the production line reliably, quickly and thus reducing overall waste. OCAS is currently proving a cost effective solution to numerous production lines across Europe.

PSI works alongside it partners Emergent Design and PSI group. Utilising our combined  experience and skills results in design, development, manufacture of hardware and software, on site installation, implementation and after sales support being offered to production sites. 

OCAS can be tailored and developed for varying material production lines across industries.

The system provides a browser-based user interface over a local network to give users feedback on the decisions it makes and to provide ongoing monitoring of OCAS while production is live. The system is capable to work on 24/7 production lines, under normal conditions a system is capable of running continuously for extended periods of time (over 6 months). All active components can be accessed, serviced and replaced without requiring a production line stop, reducing plant/line scheduled downtime.

OCAS Application Note

Our PDF application note detailing the OCAS machine vision platform is available for download using the link below.


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