PSI-D Imaging System

The PSI-D is a wall mountable indoor biometric imaging hardware system that is optimised specifically for facial recognition. The device comprises of a camera, which is designed to eliminate motion blur, and integrated evenly distributed Near Infra-red (NIR) illumination. The PSI-D utilises proven hardware to produce high speed, high quality and highly detailed imagining, ideal for highly reliable facial recognition. The unit uses the technology within the ASLOC range which is currently installed and reliably proven over a number of years within major UK Airports.

The PSI-D hardware is designed to connect to a host computer through USB 2.0 and interact with an AI-based face recognition SDK. The device is supplied with a 2.5mm barrel 12V DC, 2.5A - 3A, ITE and Medical certified power supply unit. The system includes a provision of host controlled status RGB LEDs to give user feedback. The PSI-D can run on both Linux and Windows based hosts.

PSI-D is currently installed within medical environments safely verifying patients in hospitals before they receive treatment. The unit has been rigously tested and approved independently to the following standards:

  • IEC62368-1:2014 (Second Edition), EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017, AS/NZ 62368:1:2018, CSA/UL 62368-1:2014 Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment - Part 1: Safety requirements, Second Edition. This means PSI-D meets the latest safety requirements within Europe, USA, Canada, Austrailia and New Zealand.
  • The PSI-D is Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Certified with the US and Canada.
  • IEC 62471:2006, BS EN 62471:2008 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems. The NIR technology within this system is classed as exempt from classification and is defined as not posing any photobiological hazard, further highlighting its safety credentials.
  • EN 55032:2015, Electromagnetic Compatibility of Multimedia Equipment - Emmision Requirements. The PSI-D meets the performance criteria set for both conducted and radiated emissions
  • EN 55035:2017, Electromagnetic Compatibility of Multimedia Equipment - Immunity Requirements. The PSI-D meets the performance criteria set for all immunity testing.
PSI-D is predominantly maintenance free with a power coated metal casing, passivated metal internal chassis and hard coated plastic front face to prevent major scratches from forming. The system is easily wiped down cleaned by a soft cloth.


Feature Description Details
Physical Dimensions H x W x D261mm 48mm 56mm
Total Weight1kg
Ambient Temperature Range0°C 60°C
Camera Interface (Micro B to Type A - Host)USB 2.0
Power Supply Voltage (Certified PSU sold with PSI-D)12 V DC 2.5 - 3A
Supply Current at Idle40mA typical
Power Consumption at Idle0.5W typical
Power Consumption Operating0.8W typical
Camera maximum transfer speed (dependent on host)25fps


PSI-D Product Overview

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PSI - D Declaration of Conformity CE

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