Biometric Terminals

PSI have supplied exceptionally reliable facial recognition biometric terminal hardware to the construction industry for the last 10 years, within highly secure environments. Our biometric solutions verify over 500,000 individuals every day, which equates to over 5 people per second every day. Our very latest biometric time and attendance access control terminal units offer the vary latest and highly efficient hardware technology, offering highly secure multi-factor access control in various environments ranging from secure offices to heavy duty industrial and construction sites.
A facial biometric terminal solution to time and attendance and access control. BT420 is designed specifically for harsh environments to withstand heavy duty, intensive use within the construction industry. BT420 is built and designed to be a long-life product with easily maintainable components and service access.
A fully sealed, compact and touchless biometric system with multi token verification and increased communication ability, using the very latest hardware technology. A highly secure flagship terminal suited to varied environments from construction sites to highly secure offices.

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